34 Comfy Master Bedroom Options With Farmhouse Style

We moved into our Victorian farmhouse a little over one year ago. We did a quick makeover on the master bedroom, painting the wood floors that have seen better days and adding a fresh coat of white paint to the walls and trim. This room was the only one that had wood trim, while the rest of the house had many different colors. We decided to go with white to unify everything.

We also brought in our iron bed, two thrifted night stands, our blue rug and dresser from the last house, our Craftsmen bungalow in town.

Now this current house is an old farmhouse, but with it being built in the 1890’s, it does have a bit of a Victorian flair.

I learned pretty quickly that the furniture and decor I brought in from the last house just wasn’t a good fit for our grander lady. The iron bed looked short and underwhelming. The ceiling fan, though practical, drew up the eye in a bad way.

She needed some vintage art, a chandelier, a taller bed and luxurious bedding.
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